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Viale Monfenera 7C/7D - Treviso 

+39 0422 435234

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28 School Lane Prenton -Cheshire 

+44 7806 772235 

All Right Reserved 2023 - Sito web realizzato da Flazio Experience

All Right Reserved 2023 - Sito web realizzato da Flazio Experience



Web service for on-line ordering of Photo-products

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The latest internet technologies for the online imaging business

PIXSY-WEB is a Web based solution for on-demand internet ordering of photo-products, enabling the latest internet technologies for the online imaging business. It is a complete turnkey solution which allows any type of printing provider to receive orders via the Internet. 
PIXSY-WEB is HTML5 based and is compatible with  any operating system (MAC, Linux, Windows, iOS, Android ) and with any Internet browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.) and can operate on any mobile, tablet or PC.



Customisation of the Web application 

The full Web site of PIXSY-WEB  can be customized to match the colors and the aesthetic  of the Company customer’s Web site.  Furthermore the customization can apply to:

  • Company logo to view on any Web page, 
  • Link to main Company site,
  • Email contact details for technical and commercial support,
  • Sales terms and conditions,
  • Graphic images for Product selection,
  • Products, Formats and prices,
  • Terms of delivery,
  • Payment terms,
  • and others.
set of products

Wide range of products

Any product imaginable which can be used to put images on, can be created and visualized with PIXSY-WEB: prints, greeting cards, Photo-books, photo-gifts, canvases, calendars, posters, T-shirts, etc. 

easy to use

Simplified creation of products

User friendly and intuitive interface, without complicated registration procedures, passwords etc.
Simple workflow with no need to jump across a lot of different pages to create and order a photo product.
A philosophy of “locked and driven” product editing and composing to avoid accidental customers’ mistakes while moving images, backgrounds, texts, etc. within the product.

no uploading

No image pre-uploading

No need to pre-upload images before starting to create a product, as the majority of Web ordering solutions on the market today impose.
This implies that the process of creating and ordering photo-products is instant and faster, as the user doesn’t have to wait until the images selected for the item have been uploaded.

multi currency

Multi language and multi-currency 

Multi-products shopping cart 

PIXSY-WEB allows to order different products within the same order: Prints, Posters, Collages, Canvases, Photo-Gifts, Calendars, Photo-Books, Postcards, etc.

The system supports any language and any currency .

vouchers _ promotions

Price calculation

Vouchers / Promotions handling

A built-in Vouchers/Promotions module allows to create and handle  various  types of commercial offers:

  • Special promo price,
  • Free quantity (e.g. buy 3, pay 2), 
  • Percentage discount (e.g. X% discount if value of shopping cart is greater than a certain amount),
  • Monetary discount (e.g.  1 € off for every 10 € of purchase),
  • and many others.

PIXSY-WEB uses a powerful and sophisticated "pricing engine" enabling any type of price calculation: by quantity, by various formulas, by date, by promotion code, by event, with or without additional fixed costs, etc..

payment options
delivery options

Payment options

Collect/delivery options

Following methods of payment are supported: 

  • payment upon collection in the Store, 
  • advance payment online by Credit Card, 
  • Payment cash on delivery at home.

The methods of collection/delivery of the order can be configured by choosing among the following:

  • collection in store with selection of the store, 
  • home delivery.
order transmission

Faster order cycle 

Since images are uploaded at the end of the editing/composing phase, they are then uploaded not at their “full heavy resolution” but they are scaled down to the resolution necessary for the selected print size, thus having “much lighter image files” and much shorter uploading time. 

The higher the resolution of the original images, the greater the time saved by transmitting them with this technique.

order status notifications

Order status notifications

Information about the status of the order, from the moment of acceptance, then during production and finally upon delivery, are notified to the Customer by e-mails.

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