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Viale Monfenera 7C/7D - Treviso 

+39 0422 435234

Viale Monfenera 7C/7D - Treviso 

+39 0422 435234

28 School Lane Prenton -Cheshire 

+44 7806 772235 

28 School Lane Prenton -Cheshire 

+44 7806 772235 

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All Right Reserved 2023 - Sito web realizzato da Flazio Experience


About Alimpix


To Know Alimpix

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ALIMPIX is made up of two companies, located in Italy and the UK , with a consolidated experience in the photographic business of many years. These companies have supplied and served hundreds of customers around the world for over 35 years .

ALIMPIX Clients range from professional photographers, to Photo-Retail stores, to small independent Labs that serve their own shops, up to large Labs with 1000 or more Shopkeepers, served from a single site.

The ALIMPIX group, with their various software products, has managed over 48 BILLION prints for their customers over the years! In addition to the rich portfolio of software products, ALIMPIX also manage the production and sale of hardware products such as countertop touch kiosks for Photo-retail Stores and Self-service kiosks complete of contactless payment devices, and photo printers thanks to being a partner with Citizen.

The high specialization of the companies making up the group has contributed to creating a natural synergy in the development of new products for markets all over the world . The journey of ALIMPIX continues with many future expansion plans and we hope that you can also join us on the journey as a customer or supplier.

The Companies of Alimpix

alimpix italy.jpeg

Founded in 1992. 
The company has developed and sold its products to the major Photo-Laboratories around the world, consolidating a unique experience and know-how in the sector, gained in over 30 years of activity and in a few hundred Laboratories, providing comprehensive project management, consulting services and software solutions. All the software products created by dataPROGETTI are characterized by their reliability, solidity and performance, having been developed for "mission critical" applications, such as those for production control in industrial Photo-laboratories. 

ALIMPIX Italy manage:
Research and development, Production, Sales Italy, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Greece, Malta, Germany.

alimpix uk.jpeg

Founded in 2006.
With the aim of providing 'best in class' digital photography solutions and services to the UK and Irish photography market. 
ALIMPIX UK has recently started to build a fully automated photo production facility, using the powerful ALIMPIX production software, named Novax, providing services to a growing number of online customers and Photo-Retailers in the UK and Ireland, producing now regularly canvases, posters, mugs, t-shirts, 3D engraved crystals, 2D engraved items plus a wide range of custom sublimation products, along with Video and Cine film conversion services.

ALIMPIX Uk manage:
photo-product templates design, Digital Innovation, Sales UK, Ireland, Scotland, France, Nordic Countries, USA.


Meet the Team

Enrico Golfetto

enrico golfetto.jpeg


boasts in-depth expertise in the imaging market gained since the early 1980s.  

He began his career employed by a large company in the Veneto region that produced equipment for finishing in photographic laboratories. 
He was involved in the development of the first pricing and billing control and management systems for photofinishers, soon getting to know and manage the peculiarities of photographic markets around the world.  Subsequently, he chose to leave the staff with whom he had worked for many years and founded his own company, creating even more advanced and sophisticated systems for the management and complete control of production, which at the time was still only analogical.  His know-how and experience were such that a famous multinational photochemistry company chose dataPROGETTI as supplier of server systems for production management in its laboratories all over the world.

Ivan Sestan


ivan sestan.jpeg

worked for the UK's largest photography retail chain for over 20 years, covering a variety of roles, starting as an engineering manager, progressing to mail order manager and latterly, as digital director, managing the digital business transformation. 

After an acquisition due to the retirement of the current owners, Ivan moved to sales executive with a major German imaging provider, called Silverwire who were later acquired by the US giant Hewlett Packard where Ivan then covered extended international territories. Next, Ivan with his business partner Enrico founded ALIMPIX. Ivan staying in his expert field of knowledge, together with Enrico provided solutions to many photographic labs across the world, attending and exhibiting at all the major Photo conferences in the UK, Europe and USA. Ivan's next position was to support the acquisition of a bankrupt photo chain called "Klick Photopoint" which failed to successfully transition from analog to digital and he helped the new ownership by providing his extensive knowledge of photographic market, photographic technology and ALIMPIX software solutions. Part of his successes in this position was the creation of a new 20,000sq. foot state of the art production facility.  All this then led to phenomenal growth for the new owners and then Ivan left to grow his own business further in ALIMPIX.


Mission and Vision


Our Background

ALIMPIX have contributed with their systems to the realization of the complete automation of the production cycle of analogue development and printing in photographic laboratories. And they did so by creating solutions that had to have a high degree of reliability, capable of processing even hundreds of thousands of orders a day.

These characteristics and the offer of exceptional performance have remained, over the years, in ALIMPIX's DNA and characterize each product, qualifying it compared to the competition.


Our Mission

For over 35 years we have been guided and inspired by the passion to create innovative and high-performance solutions, to guarantee excellence in the reliability, safety and performance of all our products and services and to ensure professionalism and precision to our customers. In terms of production management and control, we aim to guarantee the efficiency, automatism and performance of the procedures, ensuring compatibility with all the equipment available on the market.

While on the Consumer side, we aim to create simple and functional products and services, which make the process of creating photo-products easy and fun for anyone, whatever their technological knowledge and experience is.


Team of Alimpix

Alimpix has a team of 10 minds operating in the Italian and UK branches and counts on external resources , highly specialized in the Photo Industry, thanks to a team of more than 25 people in India. Software architects, developers, designers are focused  on optimizing our products and services and constantly upgrade them to always keep up with the latest tech trends.

Skilled project management and experienced quality assurance specialists also provide continuous innovation and cutting-edge photo service solutions, making sure that our products and services are always solid, reliable and precise in their functionality.


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