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Pricing, Delivery Notes & Invoicing system for Photo Laboratories

All Right Reserved 2023 - Sito web realizzato da Flazio Experience

All Right Reserved 2023 - Sito web realizzato da Flazio Experience

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The specialised system for Pricing, Delivery Notes and Invoicing in the Photo-Laboratories of any size.

Calculates pricing to the direct Customer of the Laboratory and to their final End-Consumers.It is the most modern and most advanced pricing system ever designed for the Photo-Industry: number one for installations! NOVAX is the seventh generation of Pricing systems designed in over 35 years, as result of an experience matured in more than 500 Laboratories all over the world. 
This has contributed to build a product to a level of perfection that allows the Laboratory to optimise its workflow, timing and productivity and produce huge costs savings!
Available in 3 Editions: Lite, Standard and Enterprise based on Laboratory sizes. 

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Master data maintenance 

A set of functions dedicated to the entry and maintenance of the following data:

  • Customers: Photo Retail stores, Internet Photo providers, etc. 
  • Kits and Components:  concept replacing the traditional Products, where the Kit represents a commercial service and the Component the basic production service. 
  • Sets: possibility to create aggregations of Customers and/or of Kits/Components for different purposes: printing reports, statistics, data exporting, etc. 
  • VAT rates per Customer and per Kit/Component. 
  • Monetary Currencies and corresponding exchange rates. 
  • Payment terms. 
  • Couriers used for the shipping of the processed orders.
  • Credit reasons.
  • Document numbering for: Delivery/Notes, Daily Invoices, Monthly Invoices, Credit Notes, etc.
  • Users and their menu restrictions within the system.
price list structure eng _ ita.jpeg

Sophisticated Price List structure 

A very sophisticated Price List  structure is available to cover any possible complexity in the price calculation of Photo Product services.

  • No limitations in terms of number of Prices and of Price Lists.
  • Pricing schemas: user definable aggregations of Price List types and of their priority of access, during order price calculation.
  • Pricing Events: innovative concept to allow the Laboratory to create advanced event conditions, based on which to validate special prices.
  • Automatism of promotion price calculation: powerful function to handle, fully automatically, the recognition and the application of promotion prices.
  • Dependencies: function to allow the application of special prices upon the occurrence of certain conditions on some of the Components of the Kit being priced.
  • Quantity actions: mechanism to apply variations to the quantity values, as input by the operator or as given by the pricing terminal; e.g.: 2 free prints. 
  • Calculation formulas: various formulas are available for the calculation of the total price of the order.
  • Cascaded discounts: the price of the order can be calculated as result of several discounts, applied in cascade, to the total.
  • Dealer & Retail price calculation: prices are calculated to the Dealer (the direct Customer of the Laboratory) and to the Retail (the End Consumers).
  • Dealer & Retail prices percentage related: prices can be set in monetary values at one of the two sides (either Dealer or Retail) and the other part can be calculated as a percentage relation of the other; e.g. Retail is + 35% of the Dealer amount.
  • Rounding methods: definition of the price rounding logic in terms of how (next 10, next 5, etc), which decimal digit and where (on Total or on Unit/Fix).
price label definition eng _ ita.jpeg

Price label definition

Price label printing is fully user definable.
A special language for label layout printing definitions is available to define which fields of the order to print, the positions , the font types and sizes.
The instructions of this language are interpreted and executed, run time, at order pricing time.

Pricing operations

pricing operations eng _ ita.jpeg

The pricing of finished orders can be made in one of the following possible ways:


  • Off-Line pricing: Customer code, product code and quantity are input manually at the terminal;
  • On-Line pricing: product is input manually, at the beginning of a batch, and quantity is automatically given by the print cutter of the finishing bench; 
  • In-Line pricing: the order is priced on a terminal equipped with a customer, product and quantity barcode reading station from a label, a conveyor belt that transports the order to a subsequent station for printing and applying the price label;
  • Logout of Pre-Priced: no manual input to be made at all, as product and quantity information  have been recorded at order Login time.


All industry Pricing terminals and finishing benches are fully supported and can be interfaced to NOVAX.

The pricing operation implies the calculation of the price to the Customer of the Laboratory as well as to their End Consumers, based on the Price List conditions associated to the Customer, with the printing of a Price label to apply to the finished product, where the End Consumer prices are shown.

Delivery Notes printing  

delivey notes printing eng _ ita.jpeg

Printing of Delivery Notes is a daily activity that can be run once or more a day to produce accompanying documents for all finished orders.

  • Possibility to select printing by individual Customers or by Sets of Customers. 
  • Possibility of pre-programming all the selection criteria of the Delivery document printing run, for each day of the week and each run of the day. By doing so, the user does not have to make any selection criteria, at printing time, being this completely pre-defined.
  • Possibility to print on more than one printer, simultaneously, thus reducing the total time necessary to print all documents.
  • Possibility to use blank A4 sheets and include, in the printing, logos as well as any graphic.
  • No preliminary operations needed to produce delivery document printing.
  • No need to stop pricing activities while printing.
  • Availability, all year, for consultation purposes, of data about delivery documents, including full detail of delivery document body.
invoicing eng _ ita.jpeg

Monthly Invoicing 

This module for issuing invoices summarizing all daily delivery documents of the period.


  • Possibility to select printing by individual Customers or by Sets of Customers.
  • The invoice layout can be structured with a detailed reference to all daily documents and with a summary, by Kit code, of all orders of the period or, in alternative, a simpler layout, showing one line per Delivery document.
  • Possibility to use blank A4 sheets and include, in the printing, logos as well as any graphic.
  • No preliminary operations needed to issue invoices.
  • Availability, all year, for consultation purposes, of data about invoices, including full detail of invoice body.
customer service eng _ ita.jpeg

Customer Service

With NOVAX the laboratory can keep as many months of history as needed.

  • For every order, following information are stored:

      - When the order entered the Lab,

      - Pricing information to the Customer and to the End Consumer,                             detailed for each service of the order.

     - Delivery document printing information.

     - For each production phase, information about the operator and the                       terminal where the operation has been made from.


  • An order can be searched based on any combination of the following fields:

     - Customer code,

     - Order number,

     - Kit code,

     - Delivery document number,

     - interval period,

     - and other fields.

stats _ graphs eng _ ita.jpeg

Statistics and graphs 

  • Customer statistics allow a very detailed analysis of sales data, by Customer and by single Kit/Component, or by groups/categories of Kits/Components.
  • Kits statistics allow an analysis of sales data, among all Customers, per individual Kit/Component or groups/categories of Kits/Components.
  • Statistic reports do not need any daily or monthly pre-processing; at any moment reports can be printed out, either on screen or onto printer, for whatever selected period or range of Kits or of Customers.
  • Possibility to produce comparative reports for any period of the year and for any couple of years.
  • Possibility to print, at any moment, an instant “picture” of global statistic figures for an individual Customer as well as for the entire Lab.
  • Possibility to sort reports by importance of volume.
  • Kits/Components graphs showing how the entire Laboratory production is spread across the different categories of Kits/Components.
  • Customer graphs showing  how the laboratory turnover is spread across the Customers.
data export

Data export

Export record layout definitions are fully user definable.

A special language has been developed for fully user definable export record layout definitions.

The instructions of this language are interpreted and executed, run time, at data  exporting time.

Data can be exported in the following moments:


  • real-time, when orders are logged in, or priced or deleted,
  • at the time of Delivery documents printing,
  • or at the time of Invoice issuing.
no end of day

NO end-of-the-day, end-of-the-year close-out operations 

With NOVAX there is no need to run any end of day close-out operation. All database update operations are performed during Delivery document printing, in parallel with printing itself. Furthermore, the system can keep any number of years of data, depending on the Server storage capacity.
There is also no need to perform any end of the year or start of a new year procedure. Documents are stored with their corresponding year of pertinence.

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