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Viale Monfenera 7C/7D - Treviso 

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Viale Monfenera 7C/7D - Treviso 

+39 0422 435234

28 School Lane Prenton -Cheshire 

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28 School Lane Prenton -Cheshire 

+44 7806 772235 

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All Right Reserved 2023 - Sito web realizzato da Flazio Experience



pbox Touch-less Kiosk

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The touch less kiosk (without monitor) to acquire orders and / or
to print directly from the Customer's phone

stampa wireless su pbox eng _ ita

Instant wireless printing

pbox allows customers at the point of sale to order gadgets and /or to print photos onto the printers connected to the box, directly from their phones / tablets.  The solution is compatible with any type of phone: Apple and Android and does not require the use of any pre-installed APP. pbox creates a Wi-Fi hotspot, with Internet access to allow photos from Social or iCloud.  Ultra compact: no monitor and no touch.  100% Self-service: connect to Wi-Fi, choose photos and print.

qr code eng _ ita.jpeg

QR code reading for Wi-Fi connection

Reading a first QR code allows the customer to automatically connect to the pbox Wi-Fi without having to choose a network and to enter a password. 
The reading of a second QR code opens the phone browser directly on a Web page used for the handling of gifts ordering and instant photo printing.

Max 2 printers of any type

pbox supports 2 printers eng _ ita

pbox is compatible with the following printers: 

Dye-Sub Printers: 
DNP, Citizen, HiTi, Kodak, Fuji, Mitsubishi.


Ink Jet printers: 
Fuji DX-100 and DE-100, Epson D700, D800 and D1000.

pbox can manage up to two printers, configured to either offer different formats, or to double the printing autonomy.

paypal eng _ ita

Payment with Paypal for self-service configurations

pbox can be configured for completely self-service operation by the Customer.  After choosing the photos to print, indicating the quantities and formats, the Customer confirms the order and is then directed to the payment page of the Paypal site. Upon successful payment, the printing of the selected photos begins.


Easy to control and manage

pbox admin page eng _ ita.jpeg

pbox does not need a monitor and keyboard to control its functions. 
Just access its Admin pages, via a browser, from a PC or from a phone, to be able to manage: 


  • the printing of orders after payment confirmation,
  • the cancellation of orders, 
  • reprinting of orders, 
  • and other functions.

Technical characteristics

Dimensions: Width: 12.5 cm - Depth: 12.5 cm - Height: 3 cm. 
Processor: Intel x5-Z8350, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB SSD. 
Operating System: Windows  Pro. 
Bluetooth 4.2 / 2.4 GHz + 5 GHz dual-band Wi-Fi
Gigabit LAN.
Compatibility with Phones / Tablets: any type of Apple and Android Phone / Tablet. 
Configurability: possibility of complete configurability in terms of type of printers, formats, prices, logos and other various options.
Products managed: Prints, Collage prints, Banners, Enlargements, Gifts.
Receipt printing: possibility to enable the printing of a receipt indicating the services requested and the total amount to pay.
Order release: possibility to configure the release for printing only after payment has been made.

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