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All Right Reserved 2023 - Sito web realizzato da Flazio Experience



Software for digital workflow control

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Program for the handling of digital printing in Photo-Retail stores

PIXSY-Order Manager is the program used to create and manage the printing of orders for photos, enlargements, posters, passport photos, etc. in Photo-Retail stores.
Thanks to the guaranteed compatibility with all the various printing equipment available on the market, it is the ideal and versatile solution for the Photo-Retail store to manage its production, without the constraints and restrictions that the proprietary and "closed" solutions of the manufacturer brands of printing equipment impose.


Order Creation and Edit functions


Order creation 
The ability to create an order manually, by first selecting the desired Print device, then the Format, then the corresponding print options (Fit, Crop, Auto) and then all images to be printed, chosen from any folder or media. 
If the order in question includes multiple sizes, it is possible to create additional Tabs within the same order, one for each size with the corresponding images. 
It is possible to handle orders for Prints of various types, as well as ID Photos.

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Edit Order
This function allows to modify the composition of a previously created and saved order, adding new formats, or modifying formats, or quantities, etc.


Image retouch

A powerful tool to correct, retouch and edit images before printing, using a wide range of correction and enhancement controls, including image tilt angle adjustment. 

Furthermore, multiple editing actions can be automatically applied to multiple images or to all images in the order, avoiding repeating the same correction operations for each individual image.

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Envelope/work sheet printing 

PIXSY-Order Manager includes a function for printing envelopes and/or work sheets for the incoming orders. 
The printed document contains the following information: 


  • the order registration date and customer data, 
  • the list of requested services, 
  • the amount of the order.

Order printing management

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Selection of the order to print, based on the required services, formats, quantities, printer status and orders queue.

puase _ play

Pause/Resume printing

Functionality to pause an order that is being printed. 

This is especially useful whenever there is the need to print something urgent but the printer is busy with another order that is taking long.  Once an order is paused, it is then possible to select another order from the print queue of the same device and start it printing.  Printing of a previously paused order can then be restarted using the RESUME function.


Selective Reprinting 

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The Reprint function is useful when there have been problems during the first printing phase, which may have been related to the quality of the images themselves, or to the functioning of the printer or the lack of paper or ink, or more simply to the need of having additional copies. 
Reprinting of an order can be done in one of the following ways:


  • the entire order, 
  • from a certain point of the order to the end, 
  • or by selecting one or multiple images of the order.
printer pool

iLAB : pool of printers 

Optional feature that allows to define a printer as a grouping or "pool" of multiple printers of the same type. 
The orders are divided into sub-orders or splits of such a size as to guarantee workload balancing among all the printers in the pool. 
Thanks to this function, it is therefore possible to obtain a productivity, at pool level, higher than the one of the individual printers, thanks to the fact that printing is distributed in parallel to several printers. 
The "pool" can be configured in terms of: 


  • number of printers, 
  • rules based on which to divide the order into sub-orders or splits onto multiple printers; for example for an order up to 100 prints use 1 printer, for orders from 101 to 200 prints use 2 printers, and so on; 
  • the maximum number of prints for each sub-order/split in which the main order is divided and distributed to the printers; 
  • use of a Separation Print which is used to identify each sub-order/split; it contains the data of the order and of the Customer as well as the indications relating to the position of the split within the original order, this to be able to recompose the order with the correct sequence, at the end of printing.

iLAB also allows the operator to select which printers of the pool to use for the order in question; this is especially useful when printers are loaded with different paper bands.

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Compatibility with Printing equipment  

PIXSY-Order Manager is compatible with the following printing equipment:

  • Traditional minilabs of all brands: orders are sent to the print queues of the minilabs, without implying any manual input operation about  the order information at the minilab itself; 
  • Thermal sublimation printers of all brands interfaced via the software kits supplied by the manufacturers for complete bidirectional control;
  • Ink-Jet printers of all brands interfaced via the software kits supplied by the manufacturers for complete bidirectional control of the printers; 
  • Plotter for canvases and/or posters printing; 
  • Pools of Ink-jet printers: Fuji DX-100 and DE-100, Epson D700, D800 and D1000; 
  • Pools of Dye-Sub printer: DNP, Kodak, Citizen.

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