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Software for Photo Kiosks

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The new version of the PIXSY- Kiosk software is the fourth created in 14 years. 

It is therefore a very mature version that has been consolidated through years of experience and thousands of installations, in different European countries with different peculiarities and habits.  The PIXSY- Kiosk software allows to order any type of photo-product, with a real handling of multi-product shopping cart, with an interface enriched with pleasant animation effects, intuitive and very simple that guides the customer, step by step, through the order journey and with the solidity and reliability, typical of all ALIMPIX products.


Performance and speed

The software is very powerful and can operate efficiently even on more dated and slower hardware.

user interface

User interface and ergonomy

The PIXSY- Kiosk software has been designed with particular attention to simplicity and ergonomics of use: 


  • few buttons on the screen to simplify and speed up choices, 
  • any action involves the opening of a new screen in which only the buttons relevant to that screen are present, 
  • the buttons DONE, NEXT, BACK are always placed in the same position, on any screen, 
  • suggestions to the customer on what to do, at each step, 
  • the more complex services / products, such as Print from Print, or CD burning, are password protected to allow their use assisted by the Store staff.
memory card

Optimised Image loading from Media card 

A qualifying feature of PIXSY- Kiosk software is the efficiency in loading images from the media. As soon as the Memory Card has been inserted, the Customer can almost instantly start making his choices, without having to wait for the entire loading process to be completed. 
Furthermore, if the Customer selects, for example, the first and last image of a very large memory card and confirms the order even before the loading is complete, the program ignores all the images not chosen and completes the loading of the only 2 selected images, thus avoiding having to wait a long time for the entire memory card to be loaded. Furthermore, the kiosk allows the Customer to load more than one media within the same order.​


Wi-Fi photo transfer from Phones/Tablets

Photos can be received from any phone or tablet (Android and Apple) via Wi-Fi without any use of APP or connection with CABLE. Simply connect to the Wi-Fi of the Kiosk, by reading a QR code, then choose the photos to be printed on the phone (and only those) and finally click on SHARE to send them to the Kiosk.

auto rotate

Automatic image rotation

Based on the analysis of the Exif information of each image, the images are automatically rotated, during their initial loading, thus avoiding the Customer having to rotate them one by one.


Multi-products shopping cart handing

PIXSY- Kiosk software allows you to order different type of products within the same order: Prints, Posters, Collages, Canvases, Gifts, Calendars, Photo-Books, Postcards, etc. 

vouchers _ promotions

Active promotions 

In addition to the functionality of the multi-product cart, PIXSY- Kiosk also includes a sophisticated and advanced module for prompting and advising the Customer, during his order, with messages and promotional pop-up screens activated based on how much and on what the Customer has purchased up to that point.


Bundles handling

Possibility of defining mixed compositions of products, such as 100 photos 6x4” + 1 Mug. 
The definition of the Bundle guides the Customer through the ordering and composing process, helping him first to select the 100 6x4” photos and then the image to create the Mug.


Quick short-cuts for adding products to shopping cart

In the final page of the order summary, before closing the order, there are some extra short-cut buttons to quickly add promo products to the shopping cart. 
These buttons can be fully configurable in terms of: 


  • the image and the text to place on the button to highlight the offer, 
  • the action to trigger: i.e. which product to add to the cart automatically.

Price calculation 

PIXSY- Kiosk uses the same "pricing engine" as of the NOVAX server system dedicated to Production and Billing handling in large Photo-Laboratories. 
It therefore offers extremely flexible and powerful mechanisms for calculating the price of the order, with functions for managing events, quantity discounts, Promo codes, dependencies, validity dates, additional fixed costs, variable costs per q.ty, etc.

icona stampante

Compatibility to various printing devices

PIXSY- Kiosk is compatible with the following devices: 


  • all brands of minilabs: orders are automatically spooled to the print queues of the minilabs, without implying any manual handling, at the minilab itself; 
  • Dye sub and Ink-Jet printers of all brands interfaced through the software development kits supplied by the manufacturers that allow direct and bidirectional control of the printers; 
  • Sublimation printers for the production of gifts; 
  • Plotter for canvases and/or posters printing; 
  • Laser printers: supports page rendering and printing in “Duplex” mode, for double sided printing; 
  • Hot-Folder: normally used for products that imply a certain level of manual skills in the production, as in the case of photo-gifts, for example; 
  • External fulfillment Laboratories by sending orders to remote FTP servers.

Format “Ready to Print”

Every single product ordered with PIXSY- Kiosk, be it a simple print or a complex product with multiple images, is “delivered” as ready to be printed. No manipulation is required for printing purposes. Furthermore, in case of uploading to a remote FTP server, each image is scaled to the print resolution of the receiving laboratory. 


Automatic order split” 

This function allows   to address each physical ordered product of the shopping cart to the appropriate pre-set handling Output, be it a MiniLab, a Dye Sub printer or an external fulfillment Lab. An order, for example, could contain some photos for immediate printing on the local dye sub printer and other photos for printing in 48 hours, sent to a remote FTP server.


Versatile configurations for Output/Print handling

Depending on the hardware characteristics of the Kiosk and on the configuration of the Store, the handling of the physical Output to the pre-set output devices can be localized and configured in two ways: 


  • on the kiosk itself: when the kiosk hardware is powerful enough to handle the rendering and manipulation of the images, while accepting and handling another new order, at the same time;


  • on a central store PC receiving orders from all connected Kiosks and then managing the output to the appropriate connected printing equipment’s.

Evaluation Version

To evaluate PIXSY- Kiosk software you need to send your contact details (company name, address, e-mail and phone no.) to the following e-mail address:

you will then be contacted and you will receive a password for the installation.

1. Click on this butto to download the evaluation version.

2. At the end of the download, open and execute the downloaded file. 
3. Select as installation path: C:\PIXSY-KioskFour (default). 
4. When requested, enter the password you have received to proceed with the installation. 
5. Once the installation is completed, start the Kiosk by executing the program PIXSY-KioskFour from the Windows menu, group PIXSY-KioskFour. 
6.The program will stay active for 15 days and then it will automatically expire..

1. At the first start-up of the program, all distributed templates will be scaled down to a lower resolution to allow fast ordering operations.

2. Select the desired language.

3. Select a product.

4. At the next request of which media to use for your order, you can choose to operate in one of the following ways: 

  • insert a media (a memory card or a USB stick); the program will automatically detect  the insertion of a removable media;
  • press the CTRL key and, while holding it down, press the menu button for USB Flash; in this way the program will use the sample images distributed with the Evaluation Version; 
  • insert a CD / DVD and click on the CD Rom button. 

Note: do not choose Bluetooth or Wi-Fi devices, as they are not operational in the Evaluation Version as they require the software to be configured appropriately for these devices. 

5. You can now proceed with the various choices and menu options to try to order the various Photo-products.


Note: the Evaluation Version does NOT allow to print.

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