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Viale Monfenera 7C/7D - Treviso 

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Desk-top application for on-line ordering of Photo-products

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The PC application to quickly and easily order any type of photo product

PIXSY-Home is the application to install on the PC at home for ordering any type of photo-product quickly and easily. 
PIXSY-Home is available for Windows only. 
It allows flexibility and great operating speed in the preparation, composition, layout and transmission of orders.


1 app only

One program only for ordering everything

With the use of one program only, the Consumer from home can order any type of photo-product: prints of all formats, posters, collages, books, calendars, postcards, photo-gifts and many others !

easy to use

Easy to use

Self-installing software that requires no configuration and that is up and running in seconds. 

It can be used in two ways: 


  • with a Wizard: the user is guided, step by step, in the order creation operation; 
  • Freely: without any help, for those who are more familiar with the use of a PC.

Customisation of the application 

PIXSY-Home can be customized with the Photo-Laboratory/Internet Company logo, with a start-up window with the details and information of the Company, as well as with custom  name and icon. 

set of products

Products set

The application is configured with the products, formats, sizes and resolutions specified by the Photo-Laboratory/Internet Company.

automatic update

Automatic updating 

Multi-products shopping cart

Any time the program is activated on the Consumer’s PC, it connects to the central Server to check for the presence of any updates of software, prices or new products. 
And if updates are available, they are instantly downloaded. 

PIXSY-Home software allows to order different products within the same order: Prints, Posters, Collages, Canvases, Photo-Gifts, Calendars, Photo-Books, Postcards, etc.

payment options

Price calculation

Payment options

The method of payment can be configured by choosing among: 

  • payment upon collection in the Store, 
  • advance payment online by Credit Card, 
  • Payment cash on delivery at home.

PIXSY-Home uses the same "pricing engine" as of the NOVAX server system that is dedicated to Pricing and Invoicing in large photo-laboratories.
It therefore offers an extremely flexible and powerful system for calculating the order price, with functions for handling promotional events, quantity discounts, promo codes, dependencies, validity dates, additional fixed costs, variable costs per qty, etc.

order transmission
delivery options

Order  transmission

Collect/delivery options

The order collection/delivery method can be chosen between:


  • collection in store with selection of the store, 
  • home delivery.

At the end of the order creation phase, all images of the order are scaled down to the resolution corresponding to the printing DPI of the Laboratory. 
This implies that the images transmitted are much "lighter" and that the transmission times are significantly shorter.

order status notifications

Order status notifications

Information about the status of the order, from the moment of acceptance, then during production, and finally upon delivery, are notified to the Customer by e-mail.


Format “Ready to Print”

Every single product ordered with PIXSY- Home, be it a single print or a complex product with multiple images, is delivered as ready to be printed. 
No manipulation is required for printing purposes, at Laboratory side.

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