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Viale Monfenera 7C/7D - Treviso 

+39 0422 435234

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28 School Lane Prenton -Cheshire 

+44 7806 772235 

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Direct printing from Smartphone


Printing equipment in store /lab


Central PC

in store

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Wireless ordering & printing in store, directly from phones ! 

It is a new feature thanks to which customers in-store can place their prints and gifts orders directly from their phones / tablets without having to go through a kiosk. 
The solution is compatible with any type of phone of Apple and Android and does not require the use of any pre-installed APP.  The transmission  of the order from the phone to the system that controls the printing equipment is extremely fast, via a dedicated local Wi-Fi. This solution is, by all means, equivalent to a Kiosk, in the sense that all the products that can be ordered from the Kiosk can also be ordered directly from the Customer’s phone. 
It can also be configured to allow multiple Customers to submit their orders at the same time. Thanks to this solution, the Store can therefore have other order entry channels, to manage work peaks, without necessarily having to add additional Kiosks.

join wi-fi

QR code reading to connect to Direct Printing Wi-Fi

The Customer in the Store, using his phone, reads a first QR code that is displayed on a sign / wall panel, which allows him to automatically connect to the local Wi-Fi without having to select a network and enter a password. 
Reading of a second QR code opens the phone browser directly to a local site dedicated to the ordering of gifts and prints.

Order  flow on the Customer's phone

1. Select and compose a product

2. Confirm and send order

3. Payment & unlock for printing

passo 1 ita.jpeg
passo 2 ita.jpeg
passo 3 ita.jpeg

Speed and Performance

The time to create and transmit an order to the printing equipment, given the same number of images, is much shorter than in case of use of a traditional kiosk.


Configuration data: Formats, Products, Prices, etc.

In the case of presence of other ALIMPIX products in the Store, such as Kiosks and / or Central Order Manager, PIXSY-Direct Printing shares the same data configuration of the pre-existing products, without any need for new settings and / or data replication.


Types of supported products 

Prints, Posters, canvases, Large formats, Panels and Gifts.


Format “Ready to Print”

Each ordered product is rendered according to the centering instructions made by the Customer on his phone at ordering time and does not require any manual handling before printing.


Ticket Receipt

Ability to enable printing of a receipt indicating the services requested and the total amount to pay. 
Receipts for orders made with Direct Printing are distinguished from those made with Kiosks for the indication of the Customer's name and telephone number.


Order unlock

Ability to configure the release in printing only after payment has been made.

multiple customers

Simultaneous access of several customers 

The basic configuration of PIXSY-Direct Printing Server includes access to only 1 Customer at a time. 
But the configuration can optionally be extended to the desired number of simultaneous connections.

icona stampante

Compatibility with printing equipment 

PIXSY-Direct Printing ensures the same full compatibility with ALL the printing equipment already guaranteed by the other ALIMPIX products: 

  • all brands of miniLAB,  
  • all brands of Dye Sub and Ink-Jet printers,  
  • sublimation printers for the production of gifts,  
  • plotter for canvases and/or posters printing, 
  • Hot Folders, 
  • External fulfillment Laboratories by sending orders to remote FTP servers. 
composzione direct printing

What’s included in Direct Printing 

The configuration of Direct Printing varies depending on whether the Store is already equipped with other ALIMPIX products, such as Kiosks and/or Order Manager software for handing digital workflow and printing in the Store.


No pre-existing ALIMPIX products in Store 
The composition includes: 

  • Wi-Fi router, 
  • PIXSY-Direct Printing Server, 
  • PIXSY-Central Order Manager.


Other pre-existing ALIMPIX products in Store 
The composition is the following: 


  • Wi-Fi router, 
  • PIXSY-Direct Printing Server.

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