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Viale Monfenera 7C/7D - Treviso 

+39 0422 435234

Viale Monfenera 7C/7D - Treviso 

+39 0422 435234

28 School Lane Prenton -Cheshire 

+44 7806 772235 

28 School Lane Prenton -Cheshire 

+44 7806 772235 

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All Right Reserved 2023 - Sito web realizzato da Flazio Experience



Self-service Kiosk

Self Service photo kiosk
Self Service photo kiosk

Monitor touch 22”

Monitor 22”, with 10 points capacitive multi touch sensor, FULL HD, resolution 1920 x 1080.

Readers: CD/DVD, memory cards & USB sticks 

Self Service photo kiosk
Memory card reader Self Service photo kiosk

Customer media reading devices: 

  • CD / DVD player, 
  • Memory cards and USB sticks reader, 5 ”and ¼” size, also equipped with cables for connecting various types of smart phones.

Wi-Fi photo transfer from any phone / tablet

Send photo from phone to Self Service photo kiosk

NO use of APP.
NO use of CABLES. 
It is sufficient to read the QR code displayed on screen and then follow the instructions on the phone to choose and send the photos which will be transferred to the Kiosk via Wi-Fi and at high speed.

Instant Print service 

Self Service photo kiosk Instant print

It is possible to print photos by choosing from a wide variety of formats and designs, ready to be printed and collected instantly:  

  • Classic prints, 
  • Prints with border, 
  • Prints with Text, 
  • Various design prints, 
  • Panoramic prints, 
  • Collage prints, 
  • Greeting cards.
Self Service photo kiosk photo gifts gadgets

Also Gifts, Calendars and Books for home delivery 

At the kiosk the Customer can also choose and order other photo-products, such as gifts, calendars, canvases, posters, panels, books, etc. that cannot be produced instantly at the kiosk but that are sent to an external Laboratory and, from there, once production is complete, sent to the shipping address indicated by the Customer at the kiosk, at ordering time. 

Payment with credit card

Self Service photo kiosk payment terminal

Credit card reader, equipped with a high resolution color touchscreen with voice interaction to increase consumer engagement. The hardware and the screen are durable and highly protected to prevent vandalism or other damage. 
Payment by debit and / or credit card, by swiping, insertion or contactless. 24/7 remote monitoring, to track usage and transactions.

E-mail receipt  

The receipt of the purchase transaction is NOT printed but is presented on screen together with the request to the Customer to provide an email address where to send the receipt to. The Customer can choose to either ignore the email request, or he can take a photo of the receipt on screen, showing the details of his purchase operation.

2 photo printers for instant printing

The printer cabinet can house up to 2 printers of Ink-Jet type such as Fuji DE-100 XD or Epson D1000, or of Thermal Sublimation type such as DNP, CITIZEN, HI-TI or FUJI.  The two printers can be configured to handle and offer different formats, or to double the print autonomy and reduce the frequency of interventions required to refill the print media.

Centralised management of alarms, remaining paper and statistics  

The kiosk communicates with a central Cloud system to transmit information relating to: 


  • printer malfunction alarms, 
  • credit card reader malfunction alarms, 
  • low paper alerts, 
  • data relating to sales transactions. 


With the use of a Web Back-Office system, it is possible to monitor the status of the Kiosk and produce various statistical reports.  The alarms and alerts, as well as being available through the Back-Office, can produce notification emails to the staff in charge of surveillance and maintenance of the kiosks.

Technical characteristics

Colour: white.
Weight: 80 Kg, without printers.
Size: width:58 cm – depth: 58 cm – height: 140 cm.
Monitor: TFT LCD 21,5" wide with 1920x1080 resolution, with 10 points capacitive multi-touch sensor. Full HD.
Processor Intel® i3, 8 GB Ram, 250 GB SSD, Gigabit LAN, Windows.
CD/DVD player.
Wi-Fi router.

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