Kiosks/Order stations Trial Version



To evaluate the newest PIXSY4 kiosk software you need to send your contact details (company name, address, e-mail and phone no.) to the following e-mail address:; you will then be contacted and you will receive a password for the installation.



  1. Click here to download the trial version.

  2. At the end of the download, open and execute the downloaded file.
  3. Suggested to select as installation path: C:\PixsyFour (default).
  4. When requested, enter the password you have received to proceed with the installation.
  5. Once the installation is completed, start the Kiosk by executing the program PixsyFour from the Windows menu, group PixsyFour.
  6. The program will stay active for 15 days and then it will automatically expire.



  1. At the first start-up of the program, all distributed templates will be scaled down to a lower resolution to allow fast ordering operations.
  2. Select the desired language.
  3. At the request of which media to use for your order, you can choose among one of the following possibilities:
    1. insert a media (either a card or a Usb stick); the program will automatically sense the insertion of the removable media;
    2. press the CNTRL key on your keyboard and, while keeping it pressed, click the Usb Flash green round button; by doing so the program will use the sample images distributed with the trial;
    3. insert a CD/DVD and click on the CD Rom button.

    Note: do not ever click the Bluetooth button, as the software needs to be properly configured for that.

  4. Now proceed with the different menu options.