City Lab



An affordable and completely integrated solution for Digital MiniLab owners who are willing to drive more business volumes. The basic concept is to enlarge the base of orders collections in two directions:

  • The first one is from non traditional partners who may provide a small area of counter or floor space for remotely connected photo and gift ordering kiosks. Customers of the kiosks can collect their orders from partner stores forcing a return visit and providing another sales opportunity for the partner store. In other cases partners may receive a small revenue share.
  • The second one comes from the Alimpix cityLAB ability to trade 24 days, 7 hours by offering an online solution to its existing customer base and to new time pressured customers. Alimpix cityLAB owners find that their existing customers place more and larger orders due to the convenience of being able to order from home or work and then collect from store.


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  • One stop solution: embracing the Alimpix cityLAB concept, Laboratories make better use of their high investment capital equipment, such as a digital miniLabs and, for a relatively low investment in comparison, drive extra sales and profit growth. Alimpix brings the advantage of being a one stop shop for a proven solution with many technical and cost advantages over competitors. All system components from one supplier only.
  • Increases business volume: falling volumes of traditional films is threatening many photo retailers existence as they find that the growth of digital volumes is not sufficient to compensate the loss. With Alimpix cityLAB concept, labs drive additional volumes.
  • A complete turn-key service: Alimpix cityLAB solution is a complete and integrated turn-key service that ensures connectivity of End-Consumers from home, of on-site remote Kiosks, without any need for the Shop/lab to purchase any additional hardware Alimpix solution takes care of driving the order directly from Home PC up to the miniLab, safely and reliably.



The entire system is based on the combination and integration of the following elements:

  • Web Server system infrastructure: a server infrastructure, centrally located in Europe, ensuring continuous 24/7 Internet access to End-Consumers, storing received orders temporarily until they are downloaded into the Labs for production, handling all on-line Payment transactions and e-mailing End-Consumers of orders status. The system also includes a full back-office solution for the maintenance of Products, Prices, options, payments, etc.
  • Web Ordering Client: a comprehensive web based ordering solution that works with most web browsers including Microsoft and Apple, that does not require any software installation on the Customers’ PC and that can handle any product type ordering.
  • Desk-Top Ordering Client: the program that the Shop/Lab can give to its own direct Customers to install on their PC’s at home for easy and quick ordering of prints, posters, photo-books, calendars and other photo-services.
  • Kiosks/Order Stations: Photo Kiosks, located on other Retail Stores and Internet connected with the printing Shop/Lab;
  • NOVAX Express Edition: the cheapest version of the very sophisticated and powerful system for the Photo-laboratories.



Following functions will be manageable with system:

  • automatic receiving of digital orders from remote on-site kiosks;
  • automatic receiving of the End-Consumers’ digital orders from the Web site;
  • accepting orders from the front-desk kiosks in the Store,
  • handling of typical front desk operations: registering an analogue order, making a sale, printing a Customer receipt, etc;
  • spooling orders for printing to the connected Digital MiniLab,
  • printing the Envelopes/Wallets that will contain the photos; the information printed on the envelopes will include the identification of the Retail store where to deliver, the Consumer name and address,
    and the End-Consumer total price;
  • printing Delivery Notes and Monthly invoices to the Retail stores being served by the CityLab;
  • the platform supports mail order, collect at store or both.




Click here to download pdf brochure..