BMC & PfDF Production control system



The production control system that interfaces any equipment of the Laboratory, either IPESC or PfDF compatible, that guarantees batch data exchange across the machinery ensuring tri/quadri, that reduces batch fragmentation thus increasing the overall productivity.


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  • Compatible to traditional and to new digital equipment: both traditional equipment’s, conform to IPESC, as well as new digital equipment’s, conform to PfDF 4.2, can be interfaced. No need of any protocol converter box.
  • Work types, work variables and workflow’s: PfDF concepts that allow a visual representation of the entire Laboratory production, in the form of a classification tree. This classification tree is the core concept that is used, within the entire system, to organise the production and to make selections for statistics, graphs, counters and speed-meters.
  • Integration with pricing: the architecture of Work Types, Work variables and workflow, described above, together with the innovative architecture of Kit / Components of the pricing system, allows to fully support the pricing system with all the basic information (film type, no. of images, print width, paper type, extra sets, etc.) necessary for the order price calculation.
  • Synoptic: innovative function that provides real-time information about the performance, the delayed work and the volumes of the daily production.
  • The most recent software technology: Novax is based on the most recent software technology, in terms of database and development tools, that makes the system open to easy integration with other packages. The entire database has been designed to ensure full referential integrity, without compromising any performance aspect.
  • Available in 2 Editions: Standard, Enterprise based on Laboratory sizes.



  • Book-In: module to store the analogue order information coming from Mail Order, POS systems or Sort-In system, in an un-batched form. When, later on in the production, the orders become part of a batch, this information is added to the batch, at each single order level. The Book-In information include: Requested service, Voucher code, Consumer info, prints per frame, delivery address, agreed price. Note: the book-in information contribute to minimise batch fragmentation thus maximising the productivity.
  • Ipesc machine interfacing: module to interface traditional equipment’s having IPESC protocol. During
    data exchange all IPSEC data are, run time, translated and stored, within the database, in PfDF format.
  • PfDF machine interfacing: module to interface new generation equipment’s having PfDF protocol, thus allowing also to handle full frame information.
  • Direct interfacing to Pricing system: innovative module that, combined with the Kit / Component architecture of the Pricing & Invoicing system, allows to fully support pricing with all necessary information to calculate the price of the entire order.
  • Book-out: module to interface pricing and/or sort-out system thus allowing a full analysis of production timing,from book-in to book-out.
  • Customer service: possibility to enquire about order and batch status using various searching criteria; possibility to view entire batch composition and resolve any cross case.
  • Production control: module to monitor the workload by department, by machine, by operator and to warn the Lab manager of any delayed batch.
  • Production statistics and graphs.




Click here to download pdf brochure..