Online infrastructure

More and more business is going online. This requires a solid central infrastructure capable of servicing and supporting this business. Not only do consumers expect this to fully enjoy your services from their home, but also your own internal processes or your own software solution will rely on this.

Alimpix offers an Online Infrastructure capable of centralising and providing various core functionalities that form the heart of any innovative digital imaging business: central consumer recognition, order routing, central pricing synchronisation, online payment handling, …

No need to invest your own infrastructure or waste time and money managing it. The Online Infrastructure solution will grow with you and provide everything you need. It is a very adaptable system, which allows for integration with any kind of existing system. It can talk in many languages: XML, FTP, REST over HTTP, etc, so integration is easy.


Franchise Portal

Looking for a way to add value to your minilab network?
Pixsy Portal is a full turn-key solution which includes everything needed to start a nation-wide retail brand and successful independent franchise minilab network. It is ideal for minilab chains, networks of independent minilabs, distributors looking to add value to their product offerings, or any website portal owner that wants to expand into offering online photo products, all without the need for each individual minilab to invest in website setups, software, hardware etc.
Pixsy Portal sends the orders to partnering retail stores with minilabs. Depending on product-mix, it can also route orders to major wholesalers, gift providers, or any other fulfilment partner. Orders are delivered back to the store for the consumer to pick up, or shipped directly to the consumer’s home.
As portal owner, you select the products you want to offer for sale online and you decide who and under which conditions someone can become a portal “production” partner. Pixsy Portal will amplify your online sales tremendously and add value to your customers’ minilab investments.


City Lab

An affordable and completely integrated solution for Digital MiniLab owners who are willing to drive more business volumes. The basic concept is to enlarge the base of orders collections in two directions:

  • The first one is from non traditional partners who may provide a small area of counter or floor space for remotely connected photo and gift ordering kiosks. Customers of the kiosks can collect their orders from partner stores forcing a return visit and providing another sales opportunity for the partner store. In other cases partners may receive a small revenue share.
  • The second one comes from the Alimpix cityLAB ability to trade 24 days, 7 hours by offering an online solution to its existing customer base and to new time pressured customers. Alimpix cityLAB owners find that their existing customers place more and larger orders due to the convenience of being able to order from home or work and then collect from store.