Order Collector



Order Collector is a program used within a miniLab store to collect and download orders that have been transmitted by Consumers from Home or by remote on-site kiosks and then send them to the miniLab for printing. The program runs on a PC in the store that has Internet connectivity. It continuously enquires the Alimpix Web central server system for the presence of new orders.


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  • A fully integrated solution: Order Collector is the Back-End Laboratory part of a complete solution made of:
    • Ordering Clients and Portal system to allow Consumers to place their orders easily from Home;
    • and remote kiosks situated at other Retail stores connected to the
      printing miniLab store.
  • Available in 2 Editions: Lite at no cost and Standard.



  • Orders downloading: downloading of orders from a remote FTP server is a fully automatic and unattended operation. Order Collector can be programmed to download from the Alimpix Web Server system or from any specified remote FTP server at any desired frequency of minutes.
  • Printing an envelope or a work sheet of the received order It allows to print out an envelope or a worksheet with the indication of the following information:
    • full details of the end-consumer, in case of an order from home;
    • full details of the Shop/Kiosk where the order has been originated from;
    • End-user price;
    • requested services.

    Note: this function is available only on the Standard edition.

  • Generation of a Tracking Control Print:  wIth this option an additional print is produced for each of the paper formats of the order, thus simplifying the order identification at the output bins of the MiniLab.
    Note: this function is available only on the Standard edition.
  • Spooling to the miniLab: the order, together with its images, is preprocessed for verification of any eventual action needed for the device where the order will be printed to. The order is then automatically and transparently spooled to the print queue of the corresponding MiniLab/Printer, without having to do any manual operation. All major miniLab brands are fully supported
    for direct interfacing.
    Note: this function is available only on the Standard edition.




Click here to download pdf brochure..