Production Workflow


Novax digital workflow control system

Novax digital workflow system is the Server system that provides full production workflow handling of digital orders: downloading orders from external providers, e-mailing consumers, pre-pricing orders on entry, rendering images by adding texts or effects, creating Indexes and promo prints, splitting orders in case of mixed formats, creating homogeneous batches, printing envelopes and spooling to printing devices.


Order Collector

Order Collector is a "Mini" very light Digital Workflow control system for miniLab stores. It downloads orders that have been transmitted by Consumers from Home or by remote on-site kiosks and then it sends them to the miniLab for printing. The program runs on a PC in the store that has Internet connectivity. It continuously enquires the Alimpix Web central server system for the presence of new orders.


Novax BMC & PfDF Production control system

The Novax BMC & PDF production control system interfaces any equipment of the Laboratory, either IPESC or PfDF compatible and guarantees batch data exchange across the machinery of the Laboratory ensuring tri/quadri, thus reducing batch fragmentation and increasing the overall productivity.