Off-line ordering client



PIXSY-Home is a software program to install on the PC at home for easy and quick ordering of prints, posters, photo-books, calendars and other photo-services. Pixsy-Home is dependant of the hardware and Operating system of the PC in which it is installed. It gives high flexibility and fast operations in preparing, paging, composing and transmitting the order.

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  • One program only for ordering all: with one program only, the Consumer can order all different types of products: Prints of any size, Posters, collage, Photobooks, Calendars, Cards, Mugs, mouse-pads, t-shirts and other products, thus maximising the value of the shopping cart !!
  • Very simple to use: auto-installable software that does not require any set-up configuration and that is operative in few seconds. Additionally, ordering of any type of product can be operated in two ways: either through a Wizard that helps the Consumer, step by step, through his choices, or without any help for more expert users.
  • Pre-Pay cards support: full support of pre-pay cards. Possibility to recharge the Customer’ s account with Pre-pay card amounts and to use the credit for paying new orders.



  • Automatic update: any time the Consumer starts-up the program, it connects to the Alimpix central server for checking the availability of updates about software, Prices or Templates. If updates are available, theyare instantly imported, so that the Customer’s PC is always up to date.
  • Postponed transmission of the order: the Consumer, once finished with the preparation, composing and paging of his order, can choose to either instantly upload his order or to transmit it later.
  • Fast upload of the order: the order, before being uploaded, is scaled down to the DPI printing resolution of the Laboratory, thus drastically reducing the time needed for the transmission of the order.
  • Payment and order collect options
    • Pay-at-pickup,
    • Pre-pay cards,
    • Credit cards and several Payment Providers supported,
    • Selection of the Retail store where to pick-up the order.
  • Order status notifications by e-mail: order tracking info will be sent on chosen moments to the consumer, informing about the status of his order.
  • Transmission of the orders: Pixsy-Home can be configured to upload the orders to:
    • the Alimpix Central Server: the orders are then pulled down from this Central Server into the laboratory, using a special Alimpix program;
    • the FTP Server of the Laboratory: this ispossible if the Laboratory/Shop is equipped with the necessary hardware infrastructure (server + band width) to ensure home end users internet connectivity.
  • Customisation: Pixsy-Home can be customised with the logo of the Laboratory/Shop, the initial splash screen with the details and information about the Laboratory/Shop, the folder of installation with the name of the Laboratory/Shop and the program icon with the logo of the Laboratory/Shop.
  • The Price calculation “engine”: Pixsy-Home is made of a very powerful pricing “engine” used for the calculation of the total price of the order. It is the same pricing engine used on the larger scale Pricing & Invoicing management systems of the main Laboratories. This offers the great advantage of being able to set and maintain prices equally and uniformly through the complete suite of software packages for the
    main Laboratory, the Shop and the Kiosk.
  • Production software in the Laboratory
    • Complete integration with the Alimpix software package for Digital Workflow control.
    • Automatic download of the orders from the Alimpix Central Server into the PC of the Laboratory.
    • Automatic spooling of the received orders to the printing equipment (MiniLabs, dyesub,etc) of the Laboratory.
    • Compatibility to the most common miniLab brands.



  Click here to download pdf brochure