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The digital print market continues to experience a fast increase in print volume, with the largest growth coming from online print ordering activity. With PIXSY-WEB you have instant access to an on-demand internet print ordering application. It is a revolutionary online imaging solution without the need to setup or maintaining  in-house servers or any other infrastructure, while enabling the latest internet technologies for your online imaging business. PIXSY-WEB is a complete turnkey solution which allows any type of printing provider to receive orders via the Internet. The flexibility and modularity of the system allows it to be tailored to the needs of even the most demanding customers. 

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  • Revolutionary workflow with no initial image uploading
  • Personalised multi branding
  • Supports an unlimited range of products
  • Pre-Pay and Loyalty cards support
  • Online payment support
  • Automatic shipping cost calculation
  • Multi Lingual / Multi Currency


  • No preliminary image uploading: images don’t have to be uploaded anymore as first thing while ordering,  to be able to start composing your product, as all common Web based solutions are today imposing.
  • Fast ordering cycle: as images are uploaded at the end of the editing/composing phase, when all customer’s selections of product, size and quantity have already been done, images are then uploaded not at their “full heavy resolution” but scaled down to the resolution necessary for the selected print size, thus having “much lighter image files” and much shorter uploading time.
  • Automatic updates: Due to the centralized management of PIXSY-WEB, new updates and features come available in regular intervals, following market trends and customer requirements. No user intervention is needed for this so the customer can concentrate on what is important, getting more printing business to the lab.
  • Simple workflow & user friendly frontend interface: no need to jump across lot of different pages to create your product; user friendly and intuitive consumer interface.
  • Simplified product editing: a philosophy of “locked and driven” product editing and composing to avoid accidental customers’ mistakes while moving images, backgrounds, texts, etc.
  • Extra Storefront: PIXSY-WEB allows for multiple branded websites to be handled by one global customer account. So a Lab can handle internet orders coming-in via various frontends, all having their own design/layout, portfolio of products, pricing conditions and delivery options.
  • Multi language/ Multi currency: The system supports any language and any currency.
  • Multi-Pricelists: An unlimited amount of pricelists can be defined and linked to pick-up points, effectively making different pricing per pickup point possible.
  • Multi-platform/Multi-Browser: PIXSY-WEB works cross operating platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) and is supported by all popular browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc..).
  • Wide product range support: Any product imaginable which can be used to put images on, can be ordered and visualized via PIXSY-WEB (prints, greeting cards, Photo-books, photo-gifts, canvasses, calendars, etc.).
  • Payment and delivery options: Pay at pickup, pay online, ship via post or pick-up the order, or any combination is possible.
  • Order status notifications: Consumers get automatic mail notifications confirming their order and optionally  during several other statuses of their order.
  • Price calculations: a powerful pricing engine (for which ALIMPIX is unbeatable since 30 years!) offering powerful and advanced pricing, promotion and voucher mechanisms as well as complex formulas for shipping cost calculations.
  • Build-in Website support: For customers not having their own website, PIXSY-WEB allows to setup a basic website with an easy-to-use content management system (CMS), all fully integrated with the online ordering facilities of PIXSY-WEB.
  • Ready to Print images:  images are delivered by PIXSY-WEB to the printing company, fully rendered without requiring any extra processing at laboratory side.
  • Performance: the whole solution has been designed with particular care to performance aspects, as this has always been in the DNA of ALIMPIX; scaling images down to the necessary printing resolution or using compression techniques while uploading.



Click here to download pdf brochure