Franchise Portal: Pixsy-Portal



Looking for a way to add value to your minilab network?
Pixsy Portal is a full turn-key solution which includes everything needed to start a nation-wide retail brand and successful independent franchise minilab network. It is ideal for minilab chains, networks of independent minilabs, distributors looking to add value to their product offerings, or any website portal owner that wants to expand into offering online photo products, all without the need for each individual minilab to invest in website setups, software, hardware etc.
Pixsy Portal sends the orders to partnering retail stores with minilabs. Depending on product-mix, it can also route orders to major wholesalers, gift providers, or any other fulfilment partner. Orders are delivered back to the store for the consumer to pick up, or shipped directly to the consumer’s home.
As portal owner, you select the products you want to offer for sale online and you decide who and under which conditions someone can become a portal “production” partner. Pixsy Portal will amplify your online sales tremendously and add value to your customers’ minilab investments.


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  • 100% private branded
  • Complete 100% ready business-model with recurring income
  • Pay-as-you-go solution
  • Fully hosted portal solution (no local installations)
  • Supports an unlimited range of products
  • Offer High margin products
  • Multiple Order routing strategies
  • Online payment support
  • One global or Individual pricelist per pick-up point



  • Branded Portal website: The core of the portal system, with a fully branded frontend and package of production facilities to support (starting from 20 to 50… 100 and more labs/production facilities)
  • Multi-Lab routing: Multiple production facilities can be fed with orders, depending on the product mix or pickup point selection (for example, prints to minilab and fun products to external printing partner lab)
  • Order Collector Lite/Standard: To process incoming orders to each production facility, either semi-automatic (Lite) or fully automated (Standard). This can be selected for each partner allowing the higher volume partners to automate their work while lower volume partners handle it semi-automatic.
  • Administration module: Collect automatically detailed data about production for each individual Portal partner. Send out monthly reports and invoice requests to each portal partner to claim their
  • Online Payment gateway: Allows you to integrate with a wide range of online payment providers such as PayPal, WorldPay, Google Checkout, Netaxept, PayGate, Ogone, iDeal and many more.



  • Private branded Portal: Your Portal site is customized to align with your existing house style. This way it will seamlessly integrate with your existing website.
  • Fully managed solution: As a Portal owner you should not worry about setting up servers or maintaining any infrastructure. All is handled by Alimpix in a fully hosted solution environment. This allows you to concentrate on the commercial expansion of your portal instead of maintaining it.
  • Multi platform/Multi Browser: Pixsy Portal sites work cross operating platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) and is supported by all popular browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari,…). In combination with Pixsy Home, an offline ordering software integrates seamlessly in your portal, offering best of both worlds solutions to the consumer.
  • High margin products: As prices continue to fall for the standard photo prints, the pressure to remain competitive has shifted focus towards selling higher margin photorelated items. With Pixsy Portal you can easily sell a large range of high margin photo products that will excite your customers and drive more orders through your web Portal. This can be greeting cards, calendars, collages, photo books, canvas, mugs, etc...
  • Detailed statistics: Pixsy portal generates detailed reports on printing and turnover per retail partner store or fulfilment partner. This allows easy administrative follow up as well as giving specific marketing assistance to to low production portal partners.
  • No cure no pay system: Besides a minilab startup fee for the portal partner lab, there is a no-cure-no-pay business model in place. Only if print business via the portal is routed to the portal partner, he will pay a commission to the portal owner. This makes it a risk free undertaking for each and every portal partner.
  • Single or Multiple price lists: Depending on the marketing strategy you want to apply to your portal, you can decide on one global portal price list or alternatively you can allow each portal partner to control and set it’s own pricing for the products sold via the portal.
  • Centralized payment collection: As the Portal owner, you receive all online payments directly from the consumers. With the administration module a clear overview is generated as to whom needs to receive which commission on the sales generated via the portal.




Click here to download pdf brochure..