Point of Sale system for Photo Retail Stores



The specialised system for the full handling of a Photo Retail store.It handles Consumers and Loyalty cards. Full support of photo-service products (analogue and digital) as well as of generic sale items. Front-Desk operations allowing easy and fast operations of orders registration and of sale of finished products and items.


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  • Specialised system: not just another E-POS system: it is a system specifically designed to handle all the peculiarities of a Photo-Retail store, in a very efficient way.
  • Sales under full control: thanks to the fact that kiosks can be linked directly to the EPos system and to the availability of a very sophisticated module of Cost & sales analysis, the system helps controlling sales, avoiding thefts and ensuring that any service/article can only be sold through the
  • Available in 3 Editions: Lite, Standard, Enterprise based on package configurations.



  • Master database maintenance: Consumers, Articles, Photo finishing services and Prices.
  • Order registration: registration of orders with instant print of Envelopes or labels, including barcodes.
  • Sales documents: Ticket receipts, Delivery Notes, Immediate Invoices, Monthly Invoices, Credit Notes.
  • Basic Cash Register E-POS functions.
  • Loyalty cards: for fast Customer identification at the counter and for Loyalty points calculation.
  • Envelopes history for fast and easy order tracing.
  • Statistics: views and print-outs of statistics figures by Customer and by Product.
  • Stock Control: includes: registration of purchase operations, reporting about products below minimum quantity, reporting about stock value, physical inventory.
  • Costs & sales analysis: including analysis of consumed materials. This is a powerful tool that allows to cross check the quantities of materials really consumed for production against the quantities theoretically calculated from sold items, by using specific part lists describing all basic components needed for the production of an item.
  • Kiosk interfacing: any order input at a Kiosk, before being sent into production, is forwarded to the Point-Of Sale system for a request of payment confirmation. Once the Customer has paid, the system prints a Customer’s receipt, a new envelope for the prints (for later order collect) and then notifies the Kiosk that the order has been paid and that it can be forwarded to the printing equipment.




Click here to download pdf brochure..