Mail Order



The system for the mail order handling of digital and analogue orders, fully integrated with the other modules of the NOVAX platform, dedicated to Pricing and to Production Workflow control. The system prints Mail Invoices, Letters and Postage labels with the same sequence of the batch, thus simplifying packaging operations, at the shipment department.


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  • One server system only: the handling of traditional Dealer work and of Mail order, made within one system only and within one unique database of Products and Prices, thus simplifying system maintenance and administration.
  • Full integration with Production workflow: the complexity of digital orders and the variety of the different products that can be ordered, simply a very deep integration between production and shipment, in order to ensure that all ordered items are delivered together and that the shipping costs are calculated correctly.
  • Available in 3 Editions: Lite, Standard, Enterprise based on Laboratory



  • Mail invoices: module for printing Mail invoices by individual Consumer, by batch sequence, or by Finishing Table number and pricing chronology. Printing can be made on demand or it can be fully automatically generated when the batch is returned either from the printer or from the finishing bench.
  • Customers’ Letters: module for printing Customer letters showing current statistic customer data as well as marketing and promotional information.
  • New order envelopes: module for printing order envelopes for the next new orders of analogue D&P and print services.
  • Postage labels: module for printing postage labels with full Consumers’ shipping addresses and according to the national Post Office specifications. Labels can also be printed, at pricing time, using a manual Pricing terminal.
  • Mailing services: module for creating and automating Mailing services. It includes:
    • user definable criteria for the extraction of the mailing list, from the consumers
    • automatic generation of the letters as merge of template texts and extracted mail addresses.
  • Consumers’ statistics: module for Consumers statistics, with different depth levels of analysis, grouped by age, by geographic area, by Male/Female, by profession, etc.



  • Specialised Login terminals: entry stations used for analogue mail orders login registration, handling:
    • fast and easy search of Customer synonyms,
    • creation of new Customer records,
    • order registration,
    • printing of bar-coded envelopes for production.
  • End-Consumer database: data about the End-Consumers who are ordering digital services, through the Web, are automatically recorded into the system any time an order from a new customer is detected. A sophisticated procedure also analyses the customer information to search for synonymous in order to avoid repetitions.
  • Payment modes: the system can be configured to allow different payment modes, per brand on the Web: Cash on Delivery, anticipated payment by Credit card at ordering time, or pay at pick-up if a Shop is selected for collecting the order.
  • Shipping cost calculation: the calculation of the complete shipping cost is done at ordering time and takes into account the weight, the volume the quantity of the ordered items and the geographic destination. The system always ensures one unique shipment, when all items are finished in production.
  • Mail Order shipping documents: module for printing shipping documents. Two types of documents can be produced:
    • an Invoice: this is the case when the Laboratory cashes the payment directly from the Consumer;
    • a Delivery/Note: this is the case when the Consumer is owned by a third party Web Provider Company.

    In the latter case, the system will also produce a summary document to the Web Company for charging the production made on their behalf. The system also ensures to print shipping documents only when all items ordered are finished in production.

  • Order tracing: the End-Consumer can be informed in different ways about the status of his order: by e-mails, by SMS or through the Web by entering the Order ID.



Click here to download pdf brochure..