Web Ordering


Online Client: Pixsy-Web

The digital print market continues to experience a fast increase in print volume, with the largest growth coming from online print ordering activity. With Pixsy Web you have instant access to an on-demand internet print ordering application. It is a revolutionary online imaging solution without the need to setup or maintaining in-house servers or any other infrastructure, while enabling the latest internet technologies for your online imaging business. Pixsy Web is a complete turnkey solution which allows any type of printing provider to receive orders via the Internet. The flexibility and modularity of the system allows it to be tailored to the needs of even the most demanding customers..


Offline Client: Pixsy-Home

Pixsy-Home is a software program to install on the PC at home for easy and quick ordering of prints, posters, photo-books, calendars and other photo-services. Pixsy-Home is dependant of the hardware and Operating system of the PC in which it is installed. It gives high flexibility and fast operations in preparing, paging, composing and transmitting the order.