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Pixsy-Kiosk is the new generation of Photo Kiosk handling ordering of any type of product, with multiproducts shopping basket, enriched with nice animation effects, with an extremely simple and easy step by step workflow and with a solidity and reliability as results of many hundreds installations of the previous versions.

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  • Fastest kiosk in the market place: thanks to a very efficient and highly optimised image loading the PIXSY kiosks are the fastest available in the market
  • The new generation of kiosk: a completely new user interface enriched with animation effects and with an extremely simple and easy step by step driven workflow.
  • Multi-Products shopping basket: customer will be able to order multiple products within the same workflow.
  • Consumers’ recognition: the only kiosk in the market allowing Consumer’s recognition through the usage of Loyalty Cards.
  • Use of Pre-Paid cards: the only kiosk in the market allowing Consumers to pay using their own Photo-account charged with Pre-pay cards amounts.
  • Advanced offerings: a new sophisticated and advanced logic by which the Store/Lab can pre-define actions, messages, texts and prompts, that will dynamically and automatically pop-up on the Kiosks based on the Consumer’s behaviour during his purchasing in order to better respond to growing requests from Retailers to accommodate new functionality and new marketing features.

NEW: iPhone / iPad HANDLING

  • New unique, fast and efficient way of interfacing to iPhones/ iPads for receiving images.
  • NO CABLES and NO APP required !
  • Just select desired images on the iPhone/iPad and send them to the Kiosk!



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  • Input Media browsing facility: possibility to define for specific Input media’s the folders browsing possibility. In this case, during Kiosk operations, and before loading the images from the media, the user ispresented with a window showing the contents of the media and allowing him to select single or multiple folders.
  • Index print: an index, selectable from a gallery of templates, can be automatically generated, including Shop logo, Consumer’s name, date, title & order number.
  • Internet upload: in case of remote fulfilment, the order, together with all related images, can be automatically and transparently uploaded to a pre-specified Internet Web site.
  • Confirmation of payment: the order is sent to the selected printing device (either local or remote) only when a confirmation of payment is made by an external E-POS system or within the Kiosk itself (password to unlock the order).
  • Branded aesthetic: screen and windows can be customised in terms of colours, skins and logos, thus allowing the implementation of branded solutions.
  • Image editing: image editing software including: image auto adjustment, red-eye removal, brightness, contrast and sharpness adjustment, colour adjustment, cropping, zooming.
  • Image enhancement: optional module to automatically enhance the quality of the photos through a sophisticated and automatic image analysis procedure.
  • Art effects: possibility to apply art effects such as, Black & White, Sepia, Colour paint, frames, backgrounds, foregrounds, etc.
  • User definable templates: possibility for the Lab or Shop owner to define his own PhotoBook, Calendar, gifts templates.
  • Supported products: Prints, Passports, Posters, Collages, Canvas, Photo Gifts of any type, Cards, Invitation cards, Calendars, Photo Books and others.
  • The Price calculation “engine”: PIXSY is made of a very powerful pricing “engine” used for the calculation of the total price of the order. It is the same pricing engine used on the larger scale Pricing & Invoicing management systems for the main Laboratories. This offers the great advantage of being able to set and maintain prices equally and uniformly through the complete suite of software packages for the main Laboratory, the Shop and the Kiosk.
  • Automatic charging of extra’s: possibility to assign to certain Products extra charges for the additional related services; these extras are automatically added to the bill.



All our kiosks can be interfaced to following miniLAB and printer equipment:

  • Agfa D-Lab's (1, 2, 3),
  • Agfa MSC (101,200,300),
  • Fuji Frontier: all models using C8 interface protocol,
  • Gretag Masterflex Digital,
  • Kis Photo-Me DKS 1510, 1530, 1550 and 1770,
  • Kodak: all models using KIAS interface protocol,
  • Konica Super (R1, R2, R3)
  • Noritsu : all models using NetFolder, HotFolder and Ez_Lab interface protocols,
  • SMI MarKo (MK4, MK6, MK10),
  • SMI Masternet,
  • SMI Master Plus,
  • All dye sublimation printers (Copal, Kodak, Mitsubishi, Olmec, Shinko, Sony, Dnp, etc.) via Windows driver interface,
  • All inkjet & color laser printers (Canon, Epson, Konica Minolta,  HP, Xerox,  etc.) via Windows driver interface.







  • 23,6" Wide Touch screen, FULL HD
  • Integrated  CD/DVD + memory Card reader unit.
  • Optional external professional CD/DVD + memory Card reader unit.
  • W: 59 cm - D: 6 cm - H: 45 cm


  • 10,1" Wide Touch screen, FULL HD
  • Integrated  Memory Card reader unit.
  • W: 30 cm - D: 2,5 cm - H: 28 cm



  Click here to download pdf brochure