Sistema di gestione Prezzatura, Bollettazione e Fatturazione



The specialised system for Pricing, Delivery Notes and Invoicing for the Photo-Laboratories of any size. Calculates pricing to the Dealer (Photo-Retailer) and to the final Consumer. Digital orders priced fully automatically without any manual handling.Super efficient and fast in Delivery Notes and Invoice printing.
Exports all accounting information to other third party packages.


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  • The number ONE: it is the most modern and most advanced pricing system ever designed for the Photo-Industry: number one for installations in Europe.
  • The SEVENTH generation of pricing system in almost 30 years: Novax is the seventh generation
    of Pricing systems designed in 30 years, as result of an experience matured in more than 500
    Laboratories all over the world. This has contributed to build a product to a level of perfection that allows the Laboratory to optimise its workflow, timing and productivity and produce costs savings of thousands and thousand Euor’s a year!
  • Turn-key system: due to the data migration capabilities from other pre-existing systems, to the
    connectivity to the majority of the existing industry equipment, the system is ready to run few days
    after installation.
  • Available in 4 Editions: Express, Lite, Standard, Enterprise based on Laboratory sizes.



  • Master database maintenance: Dealers, Kits, Components, Prices, etc.
  • Sort-In: module to interface the sort-in systems and to store envelopes information as optically scanned by the sort-in system itself.
  • Pricing operations: Off-Line pricing: quantity is input manually, On-Line pricing: quantity is automatically given by the print cutter, In-Line pricing: product and quantity information are scanned from a bar-code label, applied at cutting/packing time.
  • Customer service: possibility to enquire about the order status, using various search criteria.
  • Delivery Notes document printing.
  • Sort-out: this module provides the sort-out system with the necessary information to allow sorting of only priced orders and to perform verification that the price label, applied to the envelope, is the correct one.
  • Monthly Invoice printing.
  • Sales statistics and graphs.
  • Data import and Export: importing or extracting data from/to other third-party packages.



  • Industrial pricing terminals: compatible to the most common pricing terminals, available from the photoindustry.
  • Multi-language and Multi-Currency
  • Kits and Components: new concept that replaces the traditional concept of Products in order to be compliant with a PfDF Production control system where every basic production step has a corresponding basic Component to price.
  • User definable Sets of Kits/Components and of Dealers: possibility to create aggregations of Dealers and/or Kits/Components for different purposes: printing reports, statistics, exporting, etc.
  • Sophisticated Price List architecture: no limitations in terms of number of Prices and Price Lists.
  • Pricing schemas: innovative concept to define user definable aggregations of Price List types and of their priority of access, during order price calculation.
  • Pricing Events: innovative concept to allow the Laboratory to create advanced event conditions, based on which to validate special prices.
  • Automatism of promotion price calculation: powerful function to handle the recognition and the application of promotion prices, fully automatically.
  • Dependencies: great innovation to allow the application of special prices upon the occurrence of certain conditions on some of the components of the Kit being priced. For example: apply Free CD if the number of prints is greater than 100.
  • Quantity actions: innovative concept to allow applying variations to the quantity values; e.g.: 2 free prints.
  • Calculation formulas: various formulas are available for the calculation of the total price of the order.
  • Cascaded discounts: the price of the order can be calculated as result of several discounts, applied to the total, in cascade.
  • Dealer & Retail prices percentage related: prices can be set in monetary values at one of the two sides (either Dealer or Retail) and the other part can be calculated as a percentage relation of the other; e.g. Retail is + 35% of the Dealer amount.
  • Powerful functions for massive Price List updating
  • Label printing definition: special language that allows the user to fully define the printing layout of the label. The instructions of this language are interpreted and executed, run time, at the moment of order pricing.
  • Export engine: powerful module which, combined with a special language, allows the user to define the different export layout record structures, the frequency of export, the file names of the export files and the destination folders where to place the exported files.
  • Delivery Notes printing simultaneous to pricing activities: no need to stop pricing activities while printing Delivery Notes.
  • History of documents: Delivery Notes and Invoices of past months/years are instantly available for pre-viewing or re-printing purposes, at any moment.
  • Document printing capabilities: possibility to print on Laser printers, using A4 blank sheets, and to print any graphic or logos.
  • Customer service: fast and powerful module for retrieving order information, based on multiple search criteria, within a database of millions of orders, in few milliseconds.
  • No end of day procedures: no need to run any end of the day closeout procedure; all database update operations are performed during Delivery document printing, in parallel with printing itself.
  • Multi-year: the system can keep any number of years of data, depending on the disk storage capacity. No need to perform any end of the year or start of a new year procedure.


Click here to download pdf brochure.