About ALIMPIX group


The Alimpix alliance is made up from two strong and experienced companies, dataPROGETTI and AnimatedHelp UK, who have been serving hundreds of customer’s world wide for over 25 years. Alimpix customers range from professional photographers, small independent laboratories serving their own stores right up to large wholesale labs that serve 700+ stores from a single production site. In fact the group’s 27 software products have processed in one way or other well over one BILLION customer orders so far!

The highly specialist backgrounds of the founder companies quickly formed a natural synergy in product advancement. Many customers old and new, quickly identified Alimpix could bring them new solutions to improve efficiency, increase revenue streams, leading to increased profit.

Enrico Golfetto, one of the founders states: “Alimpix is truly unique in that it can offer fully integrated end to end solutions for online, desktop and kiosk ordering with a full laboratory workflow platform that can not only handle orders at any volume level, but is already able to connect to most brands of printer, minilab and digital press with all applications available in multi language and multi currency versions.”

About dataPROGETTI

Founded in 1992 by Enrico Golfetto after 15 years as IT manager at one of the largest Photo-Equipment manufacturer in the world. The company has been developing and selling software solutions to all major Photo-Finishing labs in the world, consolidating a unique and invaluable know how and experience matured in 30 years across some hundreds laboratories. All software products developed by dataPROGETTI qualify for their reliability and solidity as they are developed for "mission critical" applications.

About AnimatedHelp UK

AnimatedHelp UK, now named ALimpix UK, was founded by Ivan Sestan in 2006 with a vision of providing "best of breed" digital solutions and services to the UK market after spending several years as a sales executive with a major imaging provider and previously working for the biggest UK photo retail chain for over 20 yrs. The company has recently engaged projects for independent and wholesale labs providing full project management along with the Alimpix solutions.



Brought together deliberately to provide YOU  
  • A one stop shop for all your solutions
  • Experts in Workflow, Pricing, Kiosk, Connectivity and Online
  • Unique company in the Photo industry for all your needs
Supplying Large and small
  • Wholesale labs
  • Independents
  • Hardware manufactures
Providing software and professional services
  • Third party integration and mirror applications
  • Systems analysis services
  • Modular and bespoke software solutions
  • Not linked to any hardware manufacturer
  • Multi currency and language 
  • Open platforms to combine with existing hardware and software



Enrico Golfetto:  dataPROGETTI Owner and Founder

  • Involved in Photofinishing industry for almost 30 years
  • Oracle Expert Partner
  • Formerly responsible of Sofware dept. in Systel, in the 80's and early 90's

Ivan Sestan: ALIMPIX UK Founder

  • Involved with Photofinishing industry for over 20 years
  • Broad technical knowledge of Photofinishing market
  • Consultancy inc Squibb pharmaceutical & Klick