Consumer Recognition gets personal

Any successful retail or online business understands that knowing their customers is important to maintain and increase sales.  Retailers often know the names of regular customers, their purchasing patterns and can use this interaction to increase loyalty and sales. But the growing challenge today is that customers are more time pressured and are using kiosks and online systems to place orders, lowering interaction, familiarity and up-sell opportunities.

Alimpix has the answer with a new loyalty card consumer recognition system that allows retailers to target “Smart Promotions” to customers increasing the sales basket along with gathering important statistical data on each customer. Using the Alimpix loyalty card the ordering process becomes easier and faster by reducing the need to repeatedly enter customer information both at the kiosk and online.

The Alimpix loyalty card can be preloaded with a fiscal value or a certain amount of prints turning it to a powerful prepaid card solution. What makes this prepaid card unique is that it can be recharged with credit or prints at the kiosk or online.

In example workflows the Alimpix kiosk customer would swipe or enter the card number manually, the centralised management system would recognise the customer and would launch special targeted “Smart Promotions” based on the consumers spending and product habits. The system can print custom promotional messages on the receipt based on spending patterns and alert staff to the consumer’s status, for example “VIP” or display the loyalty points total.

For Alimpix online customers the card number and pin are entered manually. The system auto completes address information, presents “Smart Promotion” offers based on spending and product patterns and allows consumers to purchase or spend card credit.

Packaging and promotional inserts can also be driven off the consumer’s profile that is established on and off line whilst using the Alimpix loyalty card.

The Alimpix centralised back office provides a powerful management and reporting system that can be used for setting the instant marketing actions, known as “Smart Promotions” and for generating reports that can be used for targeted email marketing based on variable criteria such as spending pattern or product purchases.

Alimpix brings the launch of this truly unique cross platform solution to the photographic marketplace at Photokina 2008.