Galleria professionale on-line



Many professional photographers sit on a goldmine of fantastic pictures. In many cases, these pictures are put on the photographer’s website gallery where they can be viewed. If someone wants to order prints from any of these pictures, is it mostly a manual task of contacting the photographer, explaining which picture(s) they want printed, what sizes etc; all very time consuming and not customer friendly.
With Pixsy PRO Gallery you can finally make your digital pictures work for you, even when you’re sleeping. Pictures taken at public events, parties, conventions, weddings etc, are uploaded to your personalized gallery website from where consumers can directly view and order prints, posters, calendars, etc…All online without any intervention needed by the photographer. Galleries can be created on the fly and can be made open to the public or made private, only accessible via a quicklink to those allowed access to the gallery
Pixsy PRO Gallery can be a standalone system or can be added as an optional module onto the Pixsy Web  ordering system, making it a completely integrated ordering solution.


Click here to download pdf brochure.



  • Private branded PRO Gallery
  • Unlimited galleries / Sub galleries
  • Quick links to galleries
  • Supports an unlimited range of products
  • Multiple price lists
  • Custom watermarking (per gallery)
  • Multiple Order routing strategies
  • Online payment support



  • PRO Gallery Website: The core module for of the PRO Gallery system. Can either be a standalone module or can be as an option on Pixsy Web (see Pixsy Web documentation).
  • Picture storage packs: Different storage volume packs allows for the PRO Gallery system to be optimized for your specific use and requirements.
  • Order Collector Lite edition: Included as standard allows downloading of all the orders from the Alimpix servers to the lab/production point. It places each order in a hot folder containing all images and instructions about the order.
  • Order Collector Standard Edition: Same as the Order Collector lite edition but orders are automatically routed to your printing/minilab equipment.
  • Multi-Lab routing: Multiple production facilities can be fed with orders, depending on the product mix or pickup point selection (for example, prints to minilab and fun products to external printing partner lab)
  • Online Payment gateway: Allows you to integrate with a wide range of online payment providers such as PayPal, WorldPay, Google Checkout, Netaxept, PayGate, Ogone, iDeal and many more.



  • Private branded PRO Gallery Website: Your PRO Gallery system can be customized to align with your existing house style. This way it can seamlessly integrate with your existing website.
  • Multiple galleries/Sub galleries: Create galleries per event or even make subgalleries for multi day events etc. Galleries can be allowed access to all or kept private.In the latter case you send the secure link to the persons that are granted access to this gallery. This is especially useful for wedding pictures or any other private event.
  • Quick Links: Each gallery can be given a quicklink code, which you can define yourself. This will allow visitors to swiftly find the relevant gallery on your website. This is especially useful when taking pictures at large public events. Cards can be preprintedwith the gallery quicklink and
    handed out so that after the event you will get the maximum available visitors to return to you website to order prints etc.
  • Multiple Price lists: Allows to connect each gallery to a different price list. This way, different prices can be set for products ordered from different events. For example wedding pictures you may want to sell at a higher price than public event pictures. Also, in case you work with third party photographers that use your gallery to sell their work, they may decide on their own pricing level.
  • High/Low resolution galleries: For each gallery you can choose to upload pictures in high resolution or low resolution. In case of low resolution galleries, only prints can be ordered. For high resolution galleries all products offered online can be ordered (prints, posters, greeting cards, calendars, photo books,…).
  • Customize watermarking: To protect your work from being copied, you can generate a default or custom watermark per gallery. The watermark wit be a combination of a self definable text and a needle cross that is layed over the picture when viewed online.
  • Easy ordering: Consumers that enter the gallery can access a thumbnail overview of the gallery or can enlarge each picture for better viewing. By just clicking and selecting the pictures they can directly order prints, posters, collages or any other product you want to sell online via the PRO Gallery.
  • Multi platform/Multi Browser: Pixsy PRO Gallery works cross operating platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) and is supported by all popular browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari,…)
  • Payment and delivery options: Pay at pickup, pay online, ship via post or pickup the order, or any combination is possible. Additionally, online payment can be forced if a certain order value is exceeded.




  Click here to download pdf brochure.