City Lab concept drives volume

Alimpix provides a one stop solution for driving additional volume with its “CITY LAB” concept. Falling volumes of traditional films is threatening many photo retailers existence as they find that growing digital volumes not sufficient to compensate the loss. With Alimpix CITY concept, labs have driven additional volumes from two new sources:

The first source is from non traditional partners who may provide a small area of counter or floor space for remotely connected photo and gift ordering kiosks. In some cases the additional floor traffic generated by a photo kiosk is sufficient for partner stores to allow free placement of a unit. Customers of the kiosks can collect their orders from partner stores forcing a return visit and providing another sales opportunity for the partner store. In other cases partners may receive a small revenue share.

The real key to successes from this partnership starts at the Alimpix software platform that not only makes the customer facing ordering process simple, but behind the scenes the Alimpix platform makes sure that all orders are efficiently sent and distributed to the processing lab and that full tracking and accounting is available for both parties. This way the Alimpix platform makes it easy, reliable and cost effective for all parties and the processing lab gains extra volume and customer product awareness.

The second source of additional volume comes from the Alimpix CITY LABS ability to trade 24/7 by offering an online solution to its existing customer base and to new time pressured customers. Alimpix CITY LAB owners find that their existing customers place more and larger orders due to the convenience of being able to order from home or work and then collect from store. Alimpix CITY LAB owners also find that they attract many professional and semi professional photographers for the same reasons of convenience. The platform supports mail order, collect at store or both. With the mail order option the capture area for a lab becomes expanded and unlimited in size.

The Alimpix software platform supports both a comprehensive desktop application and a comprehensive web based ordering system that works with most web browsers including Microsoft and Apple. Customers can connect to the labs services by a simple link placed on the stores own website or the link can be placed on partner web sites on a revenue share basis. Both ordering applications support high profit gifts as well as prints.

Traditional labs have found that by embracing the Alimpix CITY LAB concept they make better use of their high investment capital equipment, such as a digital minilabs and for a relatively low investment in comparison, drive extra sales and profit growth. Alimpix brings them the advantage of being a one stop shop for a proven solution with many technical and cost advantages over competitors.